On the whole, I like where viewer 2.0 is going.  There are some things which, if not sorted before release, will make SL more cumbersome.

I submitted feedback using the form in the viewer sidebar but was advised to create Jiras for them as well.


Two of them have been classed, correctly, as duplicates.  The third hasn’t.


I’ve no fondness for mouselook in BDSM play but many do.  No chat and IM in mouselook would be pretty bad I reckon.


Viewer 2.0 BETA

A lot’s been said about Viewer 2.0, two main things that are bugging the hell out of me…

No keyboard shortcut to bring up the IM window.  This is bad bad bad!  Ctrl T, bam, there’s the chat.  With the mouse I have to find the cursor, meander over to the bottom right, click…ugh!

No chat windows in mouselook.  WTF?  That is terrible!

There’s a lot of good in the viewer, don’t get me wrong, but it seems to have been designed with no thought to keyboard accessibility.

I don’t normally share this sort of stuff but it was so hysterically funny, well it’d be selfish of me not to.  NSFW unless you’ve got headphones…probably not  even then if you laugh as much as I did.


Eve is an online MMO, much more than that I don’t know.

Merry Christmas!

Whatever your faith, or lack of, have a merry Christmas!

Masks and emoting

If you know me you’ll know I like masks, gasmasks, helmets; don’t ask me to explain the attraction.

Wearing a mask has some implications when it comes to emoting, though.  You see part of the point of wearing a mask is that there are fewer telltales as to your emotions etc.  That’s not accident, that’s design.

I’ve been spending a bit of time in Latexia and something I come across frequently is this:

smiles behind her mask

Uhh, okay.  How the hell am I supposed to know that?  I’ve developed x-ray vision or something?  Now this may seem petty but let’s remember what emoting its supposed to facilitate; it’s supposed to enhance your actions and speech.  It’s not supposed to dictate the observations and experiences of others.

Okay, so life behind a mask must be pretty dull, eh?  Well no, not really.  You see what you need to do is work with what you’ve got.  If you can still speak then why not emote how your speech is?

chuckles warmly, her head nodding

See?  That’s perfectly possible with a mask on.

While all this with Jack had been going in, I’d been keeping in touch with Jill.  It’s important to maintain that contact, nothing more than a hi, how you doing is all that’s needed most of the time.

A recurring theme in our discussions was can RLV be any good?  It’s not something I wanted to push and indeed I tried not to, but it is something that came up in just about every conversation.  I didn’t try to justify its use, after such an experience anything I’d have to say would be received with scepticism.  Still it was something that kept coming up and I suspected that part of the closure would be a better understanding of RLV and how some people can get something out of it.

There is no way I’d consider asking Jill to go in to RLV and allowing me to show her how I could use RLV to enhance her experience.  I didn’t think such an approach would yield good results, so I suggested that she allow me to teach her how to use RLV as a dominant.  This is something that I’ve done for many people; typically I’ll use a set of cuffs that the dominant prefers and work through an RP, showing when and why certain RLV restrictions might be employed.

There was some hesitation but she accepted my offer, so without further ado I dusted off my cuffs and invited her to my place.  I fell in to my usual patter and Jill was attentive, asking good questions and so on.  Now if you’ve been following my recent posts on RLV you’ll hopefully appreciate that I’m actually quite light on RLV, preferring to use it only where it makes sense.  It wasn’t long before Jill appreciated the distinction, and it wasn’t long before she started doing something no one else I’ve instructed has done…her questions started being asked in (( )) and before you know it the lesson developed in to something more.

Unfortunately I had limited time available, so we took a raincheck, I’m sure it’ll be collected one day.

So with her new found appreciation of RLV as a tool for bondage, will we see Jill in RLV any time soon?  Somehow I doubt it and it won’t be with just anyone; which is perfectly fine.  RLV is powerful and deserves to be treated with respect.

Jack returned from his weekend away, obviously he was gutted that the scene went bad.  It’s easy to heap criticism on him, he used RLV with no real purpose, he used too much.  He focused on RLV rather than the bondage and how RLV might enhance that bondage.

No point kicking a guy when he’s down.  I’m a sadist, I’m not cruel.  The main things is that he made sure that Jill had someone to look after her, well as sure as one can be in SL I guess.

Of course Jack beat himself up over it.  Jill was rightly upset and much humble pie was served and eaten.  Now here’s the thing, tops need support just as much as bottoms do.  The day after being there for Jill as soon as one of my trusted friends came on, I had a wee bit of a vent.  If you’re a top and you think you can get by without the help of others, well I’ve news for you.  We all need help and often getting help from our bottoms is the worst thing that we can do.  We need people we can trust and go to in times of self doubt or just when we need to blow off a major amount of steam.

So now I had Jack to look out for as well, oh well all part of why we’re all here.  Over the next couple of days Jack determined that he’d break his subbie alt out of semi-retirement so that he might experience an iso-helmet himself.  I could understand the motivation although it did seem like a bit of self-flagellation.  I agreed to help him through it, however I refused his request to make it worse than Jill’s.  For one, I’m not sure I could, for two the purpose was to experience how it should be done; not how it was done.

So how should it be done?  Well the main draw of these types of helmets is that they can emulate a bane like experience, in terms of restriction anyway.  For that to be effective there are two things required in terms of equipment; a helmet and a catsuit/skin.  Nothing else.  I’ve done this a few times now and it’s one of the more misunderstood aspects of this type of play; that one can be made so utterly helpless with just the helmet.  Adding cuffs and other items detract in two important ways.

Firstly the presence of other restraints serves to distract from the restrictions that are imposed by the helmet.  This is one of the occasions that less is more.  Secondly, the more extra stuff you add, the more personalized you become which is defeating the point of the helmet and the catsuit.  One of the main impacts of such a restraint is the depersonalisation it imposes.  It’s heady stuff and certainly not for everyone.  So with that in mind I set Jack up in his alt and cast him off on his lonely journey; just another featureless bane like creature largely indistinguishable from so many others wandering SL.

Meanwhile, Jill was bouncing back, her curiosity of RLV unabated although in a different direction.