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I’m having a moment of RL grrrness right now.  There’s a soap in Australia called Home and Away.  You can read about it over at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Home_and_away if you really want to or tl;dr, it’s a soap in a `children friendly’ tiimeslot.

Over the years it’s featured murder, secret cults, blackmail, affairs, drug use; all the usual fare of soaps and that’s been absolutley fine for the sweet and innocent children of Ausralia to watch.

Front page news today is anguish amongst `concerned parents’ and `family values advocates’ that there’s a lesbian storyline between consenting adults!  FRONT PAGE NEWS!  Read all about it here http://www.news.com.au/entertainment/story/0,28383,25169625-10229,00.html and if you really want to lose you dinner, read the reader comments.

For f**ks sake!  How far we’ve come yet how far we still have to go.  Intolerance reigns supreme.

Postscript: I don’t watch the show.  Don’t really watch TV acutally.

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Credits: Marine Kelley for RLV, Sharie Criss for Forcewear and Amethyst Rosencrans for her line of collars.  They’re the clever ones, I’m just a curious neko who fiddles with their work.

That out the way, let’s dive in shall we? Like a lot of people in SL I like to mix and match various bits and pieces from ensembles to create a different look.  With copy objects that’s not so bad, create a loot and put the copies all in one folder, easy peasy but there are catches.  Like a lot of kinky people I have locking things, things that need owners set (I really wish people would use the term keyholder, but owner seems the norm) etc etc.  Create too many copies and it can be a real ‘mare to manage what’s what and come update time, ugh!  So really, it would be bette to stick with one.

And of course with no-copy items you have no choice but to stick with one, so what does that leave us?

Take a look at this, yep that’s me under all that!  No, I can’t change so don’t ask, I’m in this till I’m let out, whenever that might be.  And yes my shoulders are starting to ache, and let’s not talk about my toes *mewl* 😛

I have items, besides my default stuff like my HUD attachments from no less than ten folders!  Okay now they’re all in #RLV so just takea look at it for a second.  How long do you think it’d take you to find all that in my inventory and put it on, even if you knew it as well as I do?  Couple of minutes?  Five even?  Bleaugh!  Gotta be an easier way than that.  So subs, if you like your owner putting certain outfits on you and dommes, if you like putting certain outfits on your sub that your sub may not necessarily like but who cares?  Here is a way of making life easier on yourself for outfits which may be used with some regularity.

Thanks to the chat command functionality of Sharie Criss’ Forcewear plugin for the Amethyst collar, we can parcel all that up in to one gesture.  Without further ado, the screenie or it didn’t happen thing.

There’s nothing particularly complicated about it.  First off give it a name.  Name it in the inventory too, so you can find it easier.  Specify a trigger, it’s a really good idea to put a slash in the front so you don’t accidentally spawn the gesture in normal chat; that could be a little embaresssing.  Take out the replace with or put something appropriate in there.

Next step, click on each of the steps that come with a new gesture and get rid of them.  From there it’s just a case of building the gesture by adding a chat step, typing in the command, preview it to make sure it’s right, rinse and repeat!  I’ve put wait steps in between each one as it seems to cope with lag a bit better that way.  Once done, save it and you’re good to go; if yuo’re feeling adventuress give a copy to everyone who’s on your collar.

Couple of tips before you go off and have fun with this.  It’s a good idea to use the silent channel so everyone’s chat screen doesn’t fill with spam.  It’s also a good idea with things which are copy and can be colored to put them in their own folder and add a step the gesture.  I know that’s contray to what I said earlier, but take the ER hair, it’s a bit annoying recoloring it for each outfit, so why not make a seperate one if it’s going to be used reuglarly?

Hope that helps some, have fun!

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Hiya, I’m Shuggi.  What you see is what you get.  For some time that’s been a strong headed, opinionated, swtichy owned submissive; who seems to spend more time dishing it out than taking it.

I’ve been in S for eight months currently and it’s been a heck of a ride.  Why am I starting a blog now?  Because I wanna!

This is about the only RL info I’ll give out, I’ve been interested and active in BDSM pretty much my whole life, in one form or another.  SL is a great place for me to explore and expand horizons just not practial in RL.

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