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Mesmerize Dungeon Cuffs

I’ve been having a growing love affair with Mesmerize Dungeon (MD) cuffs for the last couple of months. Being a long time RR user (mainly shackles), it took a little re-learning, but now that I’m comfortable with them I rate them very highly.

A few of the highlights:

  • Poses! So many and they’re all good
  • Leash. It doesn’t bounce, making suspension anywhere you can rez viable.
  • Hackability. The cuffs are copy/mod so they can be modified for various reasons
  • Compatibility. MD do restraints which take the spots of cuffs, MD cuffs are compatible with ballet boots and mittens.
  • Looks. I love the way they look.
  • AO. For someone new to SL and in to BDSM, it’s not a bad place to start.
  • Picklock! No, you can’t wiggle out of these but if you know someone with a set of lockpicks, they can rescue you!

I have had MD cuffs for over a year now, but back when I was subbing no one knew how to use them as the market was dominated by RR. Now RR is a great product but for me this was a shame because I preferred how MD worked. Well times are changing and it seems to me that MD is getting more exposure, I hope that by the end of this post that even if you don’t want a set yourself, you won’t balk from playing with someone because of these wonderful cuffs. If you can operate RR, MD is a piece of cake! To that end, where there are differences to RR which are significant, I’ll point them out.

Okay, picture of me about as naked as you’re likely to see me.

Hah hah, me naked? *crys with laughter* Okay it does happen but very very rarely.

As you can see, the arrangement is much the same as Serious Shackles, what you don’t see though are the two AOs. This is a major difference with MD and RR so it’s worth covering.

As well as the cuffs there are two AO engines and they attach to the hips. Of course they can be moved to other attach points if this is inconvenient, and as the cuffs are copy mod, hell, experiment away!

Another option is to link one of the cuffs with an AO using LL editing…I did do this for a while but have reconsidered it for reasons I’ll go in to in a bit. If you want to know how to do it, IM me in game (note, not supported behavior, use at own risk blah blah blah).

So now we’ve got the cuffs on, how do we use them? Nice and simple clicky clicky so let’s do that by starting with the collar…

Woah, guess you’re not used to seeing so many options eh? 😉 With MD cuffs you can’t do anything them until you’ve locked them, this goes for the wearer too! So be warned. There are no keys as in RR, they’re either locked or they’re unlocked.

When you lock the cuffs the menu that next pops up is this…

bit more like it, eh? But what are those arrows down there? They are not for navigating the collar, they’re for navigating to the next bit of the restraints, which is very handy. If you can click on one cuff anywhere, you can get to all the cuffs. Very nice! So we’ll go ahead and lock the wrists and the legs.

All right, first up let’s look at leash. Leash has a few major differences to the RR one. It does not block TP. If that’s important to you, you have to go in to the block menu, other and block TP. Be aware though that if you block friends then you need to go to block – other – others and click on allow me. For my style of play though it’s not important because if they want to get away from me so bad they’re having a friend TP them, well…

It does not bounce! This makes suspension anywhere in SL you can rez possible and is great fun 🙂 Here’s me just swinging in the air…

Other than that it operates just like a …. leash.

Enough of all that, how do we bind? They’re all in poses. Just look at the wrist cuff options…

Wow. And now the legs…

Fantastic 🙂

But wait….there’s no RealKey. Well MD doesn’t need RealKey, it uses a nice and clean Owner’s system which is set by the wearer. Someone who’s an owner on the cuffs can relock them at any time, just the same as someone who has your RealKey can get your keys at any time.

But wait…there’s no struggle! No there isn’t, and I think that’s great. While I appreciate the mini-game of struggling (it is a bit of fun), it’s got a couple of things going against it for my tastes. Firstly, it’s quite unrealistic. I’ve worn steel shackles and believe me short of breaking your thumb, you’re not going to get out of them by struggling. As for the legs, forget it. Without access to tools, when they’re on they’re on.

Right so I’m locked till someone who’s locked me or is authorized on my cuffs unlocks me…..well that’s kinda lame! But wait, MD has picklock!

Picklock allows you to authorize somene who has a set of MD lockpicks to pick your locks. I haven’t had occaision to do it myself, others I’ve spoken to who have say it’s not that bad. Sarah picked mine on a hacked ER hood with MD collar scripts in less than ten minutes, so say ten minutes per restraint, that’s 30 minutes…but you need someone else and for me that’s what makes it better.

And if all else fails, you can reset your cuffs when they’re locked. This may not appeal to some people but it does for me, beats going to normal viewer and doing a hard reset.  All this can be found in the plugins menu.

That’s just a taste of what these restraints offer. I intend to blog a bit about hacking the AO, hacking in general and compatibility with other MD products. Oh and if you’re still reading…

Yeah, me naked 😉 Laterz!

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