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Yeah, it’s a bit of a departure from the normal material of this blog, but yah; this is important.  Life and death important.  I’d be failing you, my friends, if I at least didn’t make you aware of this.

Jamie Oliver, I’ve had a love/hate relationship with him for over a decade.  His enthusiasm can get a little grating and some of his shows are so kitsch it’s completely cringe worthy.

But then he does things like http://www.ted.com/talks/jamie_oliver.html and, quite frankly, he’s a bit of a hero to me.  A lot of one actually.

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Viewer 2.0 BETA

A lot’s been said about Viewer 2.0, two main things that are bugging the hell out of me…

No keyboard shortcut to bring up the IM window.  This is bad bad bad!  Ctrl T, bam, there’s the chat.  With the mouse I have to find the cursor, meander over to the bottom right, click…ugh!

No chat windows in mouselook.  WTF?  That is terrible!

There’s a lot of good in the viewer, don’t get me wrong, but it seems to have been designed with no thought to keyboard accessibility.

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I don’t normally share this sort of stuff but it was so hysterically funny, well it’d be selfish of me not to.  NSFW unless you’ve got headphones…probably not  even then if you laugh as much as I did.


Eve is an online MMO, much more than that I don’t know.

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I’ve been back from banishment for a couple of weeks now, other matters have commanded my attention so this blog’s been neglected somewhat.

Twenty-eight hours, hardly a marathon but long enough. My primary goal was to evaluate Alter Tech against KTech. They’re different interpretations and I have a firm opinion which one is the truer to the story. One is much harder than the other for the right reasons, the other is more irritating than one for the wrong reasons. I’ll not express that opinion here, however if you are curious I welcome your inquiries.

Niki asked me not to return home before she got online, yes that’s right kept out my own home by my sub :p, however the wait was well worth it as waiting for me when I got home was this:


Yay! Not a bane no more!



Sweet, huh? So what’s been keeping me busy? RL has been coming to the fore a little, which is a good thing in the main but it is eating in to my SL time a bit. I’ve spent a bit of time at Enslaved and my past life in Quake has been serving me quite well there; that or they all want to get caught…apart from one gentleman, we’ll see where that goes *grins*

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I was processed as a bane last night, and that’s what I am now.  Sixty hours.  I think people are enjoying a quiet Shuggi for a change.

Due to a slight administrative error, the sentence is twenty four hours….initially…

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Tonight I had a pirme example of the sort of thing in D/s that I really don’t like.  This happened in a D/s sim where many follow a conveiton that subs should not sit on furniture.  Hello, I’m a neko, in other words a cat person.  Ever tried to keep cats off of furniture?

Names edited.

[23:19] Miss Ignorance: is Shuggi a domme?

Not a good start, I was sat right next to her.  My hackles rise,

[23:19] Shuggi Grunspan: Who are you asking, Miss Ignorance?

>general chatter from other people present<

[23:21] Miss Ignorance: Shuggi seems to want to address me as a peer

Right, so she’s ignoring me eh?  She’s gone from a simple slip to being actively rude.

>More general chatter and…

[23:22] Bystander 1: that is because she is not a sub to anyone here Aurora

Bystander 1 is a good friend of mine.

[23:22] Shuggi Grunspan looks to Miss Ignorance, “We’ve just met. The parameters of our relationship have not been established so I treat you the same as I treat anyone else.”
[23:23] Bystander 2 smiles Hello Shuggi
[23:23] Shuggi Grunspan: Hi Bystander 2, how are you?
[23:24] Bystander 2: I m doing great
[23:24] Bystander 2: How are are you dear
[23:24] Shuggi Grunspan smiles ruefully, “A bit black and blue. New boots and I’m falling over all the time. I’m told I’ll get better though.”

My new Mesmerize Dungeon Ballet Boots.  They actually do make you fall over, limit your speed and limit what you can climb, great boots!

[23:24] Miss Ignorance: so Shuggi is not a sub?

Seems she’s not letting go, I’m about to open my mouth when my good friend steps in.

[23:25] Bystander 1: she is only sub to one person
[23:25] Bystander 1: the rest of the time she is free
[23:25] Bystander 2: She explained that to you

Maybe I should have left it there, but this ingorant woman who gives dommes a bad name, and by extension give me a bad name as I domme quite a bit, really had my hackles up.  Not only did she talk about me in front of me, she ignored me when I called her on it and ignored my friend when she explained something that should not have needed explaining.

[23:26] Shuggi Grunspan turns to Miss Ignorance, “You know, you could just aske me. Thought of that? Okay, cliff notes version. I’m a switch. I’m Owned, I also have a sub. I’m owned by one person in SL and it’s rare indeed I kneel to her, she doesn’t like it.”
[23:26] Bystander 2: Bravo Shuggi

Funnily enough that was the last thing she said.  Ten minutes went by and I turned to her and asked her why my inclination was so important to her.

She TP’d.

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My Chemistry

So who am I, and what makes me tick?  At the behest of my wife I took a personality test over at http://chemistry.com  (well, she showed me hers so….)

Without further ado, here it is:

Your Major and Minor Personality Types
Characteristics of all four personality types can be found within each of us, but there is almost always one personality type that is dominant. We call this the major personality type.

The Chemistry Profile also identifies your minor or secondary personality type. You exhibit some aspects of this personality type, though not to the same degree as with your major type.

  • Your major personality type = Director
  • Your minor personality type = Explorer

You are a DIRECTOR/explorer

You are courageous; and you seek challenges. You are a tough-minded, independent and daring thinker who likes to explore ideas or problems thoroughly. You focus easily. And you are persistent, systematic and competent in pursuing your interests and goals.

You are also assertive; and you enjoy the opportunities your hard work wins.

You have a lot of energy. You think quickly, make decisions more easily than most, dislike unnecessary rules, and take a rational approach to people, issues and ideas.

You don’t often enjoy “small talk.” You are generally not interested in pleasing boring people and you gravitate to men and women who are intellectually exciting and get to their point quickly during conversations.

You are not conventional in most of your attitudes and values. You tend to be irreverent and pragmatic and you like spontaneous people. You can be an exciting, yet hard driving and exacting, friend and companion.

The test was developed by Helen Fisher, who’s blog can be found over at http://helenfisher.typepad.com/

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QWERTY Implant

Well had kitten’s first dozing off at the keyboard tonght.  Missed not a lot.  Other than kitten’s Owner saying goodnight.  Trying to say goodnigh.  Trying to get kitten’s attention.

I’m in doo doo

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