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I was browsing the web the other night and came across the Second Life Fetish Fashion blog. It was there that I found a review of some T&T stuff, the review itself was fine, but included this:

The fact is that we don’t use the RL viewer. While I love lelo bound, gagged, and generally covered in enough bondage gear to elicit sympathetic (and admirative!) comments from many dommes we meet, the bane-isolation-cage thing is not for me.

You can read the full review here.

I find that so depressing; that’s like saying I don’t drive a car because Nascar racing’s not for me. Banishment and isolation play is just a small subset of what you can do with RLV, to publicly dismiss the entire toolkit because of a couple of uses it can be put to is questionable.

So I left a comment on her blog, I should have kept a copy because Deidre has seen fit to delete it. It was something to the effect that RLV is a rich toolkit and while yes it can be used for banishment / isolation play, it can be used for a whole lot more. I included a link to an older post of mine about gestures and forcewear.

The response that met that comment displayed further ignorance of the purpose of RLV. Parphrasing, Deidre said that she uses a system superior to RLV, human intelligence. She tells lelo to put something on, she does it.

That’s submission, Deidre. RLV is not the right tool for that, I’ve blogged about this previously.

As alluded to earlier, Deidre has deleted my comments from her blog, which is disappointing. Deidre contacted me in SL saying that one comment is fine, but her blog is not a soapbox for RLV.

Fair enough. This is my sandpit so I can get on my soapbox as much as I wan’t. RLV isn’t for everyone, nor should it be. Dismissing it out of hand while ignorant of it’s tools and uses is ignorant.

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