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On the whole, I like where viewer 2.0 is going.  There are some things which, if not sorted before release, will make SL more cumbersome.

I submitted feedback using the form in the viewer sidebar but was advised to create Jiras for them as well.


Two of them have been classed, correctly, as duplicates.  The third hasn’t.


I’ve no fondness for mouselook in BDSM play but many do.  No chat and IM in mouselook would be pretty bad I reckon.

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Viewer 2.0 BETA

A lot’s been said about Viewer 2.0, two main things that are bugging the hell out of me…

No keyboard shortcut to bring up the IM window.  This is bad bad bad!  Ctrl T, bam, there’s the chat.  With the mouse I have to find the cursor, meander over to the bottom right, click…ugh!

No chat windows in mouselook.  WTF?  That is terrible!

There’s a lot of good in the viewer, don’t get me wrong, but it seems to have been designed with no thought to keyboard accessibility.

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