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Subs maketh the domme

I don’t think there are many things more pleasurable than hearing praise of your subs, for any reason. It is a little unfair, though; I have very little to do with their achievements.

Take today for example, Vel has taken a very impressive av and does what she does so well, perverted it. The ideas are all hers, she did all the work and a damned fine job she did of it too. I won’t steal her thunder by posting piccies here or telling you what it is; you can read it here in Kinky Dragon Kaboodles

No, I don’t know what kaboodles is either.

Niki constantly surprises me with her innovation, she’s got more creativity in her little pinkie than I have in my whole being.

This is all down to them, me I just hold the leash and stand there while others tell me how great they both are, which is great and heart warming but it’s all them.

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