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I came across this piece about leaving Islam via The Friendly Atheist who summarizes the article as:

1. Embrace Your Anger — “You were lied to. You were betrayed. You were fooled. You have the right to be angry.”
2. Get Over Your Regret — “Kick yourself in the ass a few times. Mourn everything you lost. But pick yourself up and get on with it. You already wasted time — don’t waste more drowning yourself in your sorrows.”
3. Hold Steady — “Create a support network, and try to stay away from intense debates with Muslims.”
4. Be Cautious About Religion — “Even if you still believe in some sort of god or gods, you should probably take it easy with religion, at least for a while. Otherwise, you may be setting yourself up for a pattern of devotion, disillusionment, and disbelief.”
5. Life Your Life in Color — “Life without Islam can be a marvelous, beautiful thing. I urge you to take the opportunity to do things you couldn’t or wouldn’t do before when and how you can.”

Take out all the references to religion and I consider this to be excellent advice to apply to


relationship which has gone sour. It’s pretty much what I’ve been doing the last three months or so; this blog isn’t a place for me to talk about my personal life but I’ll make an exception for this post. My RL relationship of nine years is over, not my choice, I was traded in for a younger model.

The quoted text is pretty much how I’ve been dealing with it and so far it’s working out well, although there’s the odd bump and wrinkle. It’s nice to see it put in to words.

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