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My neko nature

A couple of recent conversations with strangers has persuaded me that there are some humans out there who do not understand nekos.  That’s somewhat understandable as there are as many variations of behavior amongst nekos as there are amongst humans, so it follows that the neko traits I’ll be delving in to pertain to my nature, not that of all nekos.

I haven’t always been a neko so I’m basing my neko traits on how my personality has changed since becoming a neko; and it most certainly has changed.  I’ve had a hard job putting the traits in any sort of primacy, however I’ve had a stab at it.

First and foremost I am a predator.  This is not the image most humans have of nekos and I have a suspiscion that the catnip craving, cotton ball playing kitten is a front that’s carefully cultivated by some nekos to hide their true predatory nature.

I do not have all the advantages of a cat, I have some human-like impairments.  My agility can’t match that of a cat, nor can my senses, but they are superior to those of a human for hunting.  My eyes are more attuned to detecting motion and as a consequence I’m somewhat near sighted by human standards.  My ears are my primary source of information for locating prey at distance, it’s only when going in for the kill that sight matters and that’s what they’re attuned to.  Incidentally, that’s why I wear glasses, the majority of texts are written for human eyes, not neko eyes, and I see no reason to dis-advantage myself.  Besides, I look good in glasses.

That brings me to the next trait; curiosity.  I am insanely curious.  For me there’s little information that is of no use; it may not be useful to me today but maybe in a month, a year; it may be.  It’s a bit of a double edged trait, frankly.  My curiosity has landed me in a few scrapes although fortunately so far curiosity has not killed this particular kitten, although there have been a few scares.

My predetary nature and my curiosity; I’m not sure which is in primacy.

Anti-social.  Now that sounds bad to humans, because like dogs humans are unable to exist in solitude.  Cats however can exist quite happily in solitude, although it’s quite common for cats to form groups.

The behavior of these groups is alien to human eyes.  Cats don’t like to fight amongst themselves, at least not on a continual basis.  When a new cat comes in to the mix, there may be some fierce fighting in the beginning to establish the newcomers position in the group, but after that cats tend to get along and go with the social order.

This is not so true of domestic cats.  The kitten like behavior  is nurtured and encouraged by humans so that while the kitten matures in to a cat, the kitten’s mind doesn’t follow.

Now I’ve deliberately talked about cats when talking about socializing because I’m not a cat, I’m neko, so my social nature is influenced by my cat nature, but not dominated by it.  It’s true of me that I’m quite happy with my own company, however it’s also true that I talk to strangers, more than most, that’s probably the curiosity kicking in.

That’s probably enough for one post.

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