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QWERTY Implant

Well had kitten’s first dozing off at the keyboard tonght.  Missed not a lot.  Other than kitten’s Owner saying goodnight.  Trying to say goodnigh.  Trying to get kitten’s attention.

I’m in doo doo

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Roughly two weeks in to kitten’s second life…oh wait wasn’t a kitten back then…

Hmmm.  Maybe I’ll just drop the kitten thing for reminiscing?  What’s the wost that can happen, kitten’s Owner jumps all over me?  That could be bad.

Ah what the heck.

Roughly two weeks in to my Second Life I ran in to a woman, Madang Alter.  some of you might have heard of her.  Well didn’t take long before she found out I have I Sable’s Bane suit and didn’t take much longer for her to get me in to it for six hours.

Yeah that’s right, two weeks in, hardly anyone on my firends list and I get myself locked up in a suit where I cant’ talk to anyone.  I never claimed to be smart.

I still remember the emotions that went through during those days.  I wrote about it shortly after, more than anything just ot work through what was going on in my head.  I went in for six hours, came out after 12 hours having basically safeworded.  Here’s an excerpt:

If one goes in to the Bane suit with an expetation of completing the sentence then it is crushing to find out this when released after double the original sentence.

Status after unlocked:

[18:58]  BaneHelmet 1.2:
Bane designated S-2944.
Owned by Madang Alter
Helmet is unlocked.
[18:58]  BaneHelmet 1.2:
Time Remaining is: 21hr 4min
Current Penalty is : 1hr 0min
Best time is: 12hr 6min

This is the perspective I went in to the suit with.

After 12 hours in the suit I had 21 hours to go, a total of 33 hours.  And that’s assuming I wouldn’t rack up any more violations in the 33 hours.  Given that I’d racked up enough to increase my sentence by a factor of five, that’s absolutely crushing.  I had a bit of a cry on finding that out.  I felt like a total failure.

So yeah, not the smartest thing I’ve done in SL.  Yes, I did cry and have a bit of a sook. bit hey that’s life.

Did it turn me off isolation?  Hmmm, you’ll have to wait and see (shush those of you who know the answer).

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Noobiness, ahhh!

Whether it’s WoW, SL or any other interactive enviornment there’s nothing quite like the pong of noobiness.  Sure I’d love to pretend I’m the exception to the rule but no one would believe me and rightly so.

In some ways SL is harder to get in to than other interactive environments.  With the MMOs there are quests, many of them depend on the right mix of classes and skills to complete the quest, get the XP, get the fat loot and roll the process over.  Rinse, repeat, find people who are good at their jobs and soon you build up a circle of aquaintances.  Some may become friends, but for the most part aquaintances is about as far as it goes.

There are no quests in SL, there’s no XP to be had and no grinding to do (unless you include camping, of course).  It’s all about that thing that’s gets so much harder as you get older, forming new relationships.  That’s pretty much it really, that’s what drives me in SL more than anything.

Trouble is the freshly faced, non-prim hair wearing, default duck-walking avatar has a number of disadvantages they’re absolutely oblivious to when they first start SL.  I certainly was, and to be honest it was the furthest thing from my mind.

What was on my mind?  Bondage.  Bondage bondage bondage.  Oh and maybe a bit of submission.

But mainly bondage.

A quick search led me to Marine’s store in Pak, there I learned about RLV.  Ten minutes later it was installed.  Shame I didn’t really have anything to make use of it.  Oh well, time will tell, right?

I counted the days till I could buy some Lindens, my first purchase the Serious Shackles.  Yep, still had noobie clothes on, how sad.  That was swiftly followed by catsuits, catsuits and more catsuits.  I have a catsuit fetish, one I’m trying to break.

I did all the noobie things with shackles, wore them all the time whether appropriate or not.  Lost my keys, send a notecard to Marine about losing my keys.  Autolock, loaded them with plugins I didn’t understand.

It wasn’t all bad, I did find some cool people who took pity on my noobiness.  Fuuu is an absolute gem, amazingly she’s the first one who put me on her friends list way back then.  She’s an absolute sweetheart and I wsh I knew her better.

That’s pretty much my first two weeks in SL.  Shackles, catsuits, Stonehaven and, well yeah, Stonehaven.

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Hiya, I’m Shuggi.  What you see is what you get.  For some time that’s been a strong headed, opinionated, swtichy owned submissive; who seems to spend more time dishing it out than taking it.

I’ve been in S for eight months currently and it’s been a heck of a ride.  Why am I starting a blog now?  Because I wanna!

This is about the only RL info I’ll give out, I’ve been interested and active in BDSM pretty much my whole life, in one form or another.  SL is a great place for me to explore and expand horizons just not practial in RL.

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